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Can I have my pooch at my wedding?

Ever dreamt of having that perfect wedding at your dream venue but also wanting your fur babies to join in on the biggest day of your life? Here at the Novotel we understand that your pooches are a very important part of the family so what could be better than having them right beside you as you walk down the aisle?

For Jess & Damian this was a major part of their wedding, the whole ceremony had to be outside to ensure their puppies could be there with them while they say 'I do'. It is evident by the photos that these dogs are definitely their babies! They were even decked out with their flower collars, and I think they were pretty happy about it!

Photography: By the Pauls

Ellen & Matt also wanted their beloved border collies at their ceremony. These two dogs were so energetic and so excited to be apart of the wedding (or to be surrounded by so many people). Amy Hinks did a wonderful job of capturing these two very easily distracted puppies!

We have a number of dog minding services close to the Novotel that will bring your dog(s) in groomed, dressed and looking their best for your wedding. They will also be responsible for the dog(s) during the ceremony and take them back offsite once the ceremony is over so you won't have to worry about a thing except maybe trying to keeping them still for those photos!

Conditions apply, contact us for more information!

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