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Styling Collection


festoon lighting.jpg

Festoon Lighting

love letters.JPG
bar sign.jpg

light up 'love' sign

rustic light up 'Bar' sign

tipi lighting poles 2.JPG

tipi fairy lights

tipi outdoor festoon.jpg

tipi festoons

fairy lights roof lily.jpg

fairy lights

fairy light backdrop.JPG

fairy light backdrop


festoons on deck

festoons in lily.JPG

festoons in lily's

entrance festtons.jpg

festoon entrance

copper fairy light.jpg

copper fairy lights

fairy lights on deck.jpg

fairy lights on deck

fairy light canopy.jpg
hea neon.JPG

fairy light/ festoon canopy

'happily ever after' neon sign

tipi brim fairy lights.jpg

tipi brim fairy lights

m&m neon.jpg

'Mr & Mrs' neon sign

coloured uplights.JPG

coloured uplights

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