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Styling Collection


high table.jpg

high hairpin table


vintage lounge

low table.jpg

low hairpin table

amelie single seater.JPG

amelie armchair

amelie 2seater.JPG

amelie 2-seater sofa

amelie ottoman.JPG

amelie ottoman

rattan armchair.JPG

white rattan armchair

rattan 2seater.JPG

white rattan 2-seater

timber rattan armchair.JPG

timber rattan armchair

timber round table.JPG

timber round table

Neutral rug arrangement

vintage table set.JPG

vintage table set

boho rug arrangement

coastal rug arrangement

grey ottoman.JPG

grey ottoman

seagrass ottoman.JPG

seagrass ottoman

white woven ottoman.JPG

white woven ottoman

grey woven ottoman.JPG

grey woven ottoman

Creme textured cushion

Pink ottoman

detailed blue cushion

white textured cushion

grey checkered cushion

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grey plan cushion

modern pink cushion

rattan cross rug

rattan cushion

plain blue cushion

natural cushion

creme rug

grey rattan rug

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